Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida



Clicking images of newborns is always so hearty and fulfilling. Parents are always so worried about their newborn babies so it is very important for me to ensure that their baby is safe and comfortable during the entire shoot. I usually try and form a good bond with the parents way before the final day which makes them trust me more.

Taking pictures of a newborn is a tough task. They are fussy and tough to handle. But when treated with love and affection they cooperate. For this shoot I clicked images of the newborn in various different and vibrant themes. The themes used in for this colourful photoshoot are mentioned below:


1. Scarf rainbow

2. Baby in basket surrounded with bunch of flowers

3.  Naked baby on hands of parents

4. Sailor theme background

5. Yellow cot, cap and background

6. Baby covered in blue hazes

7. Baby covered in yellow cot, cushion and bunch of yellow leaves

8. Baby on a soft fur wrapped in a pearly brown cot

9. Royal bed with baby in a coral blue sweater

10. Closeup of the newborn

11. Baby on a white heart cushioned with white wings used as props

12. Brown themed cot and background with red flowers as props

13. Baby on the hands of his parents

14. Smiling image of the little prince in a brown soft fur cushion

15. Aerial shot of the baby surrounded by the letters of the word “LOVE” written with flowers

16. Baby dressed in an angelic theme with tiara and wings

17. A neutral themes image of the newborn

18. Baby in a floral themed basket against at floral background

19. Autumn themed aerial image of the newborn

20. Newborn dressed in a coral blue onesie on a grey cushion


It was a bliss working with this angel and capturing this precious time for the family.



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