Maternity Photoshoot by Professional Maternity Photographer Meghna Rathore

This maternity photo session was an amazing experience for the couple and me. We all enjoyed this a lot. Final pictures from the shoot were liked by the couple a lot. They liked the entire photo session flow from booking to the final delivery of the pictures.  The couple gave me a 5-star review on google review. Following are the lovely kind words written by the couple for their maternity photoshoot.

“We were really excited for the pictures and as soon as we received them, we realised that they were more beautiful than we expected.🥰 I don’t have words to describe my happiness.😍 The hardwork and efforts that Meghna had put in are clearly visible in the pictures.👌🏻 Everyone appreciated her work in the family.💯 Starting from the day I spoke with her for my maternity shoot till the day I have received my pictures, it has been a wonderful experience. 🤗 Getting a maternity shoot done is one thing but taking it to a whole another level is what she is good at. 😍👌🏻 Thankyou so much for capturing the best moments of my life.🥰🤗 My best wishes are always with you. May you achieve heights of success. ❤️🥂”



This photoshoot is so special to me as the couple were so much fun and amazing that I enjoyed the photo session a lot while clicking their pictures. The chemistry between them was amazing and it’s quite clear in the final pictures. They both were fun to shoot and all of their expressions were so much mesmerizing.

So we started with a blue color gown with a long drape with it. I also used a flower tiara to match with the dress and the expecting mother was looking so amazing in this maternity dress. I used a white backdrop for this setup and clicked a few standing poses pictures on this. I used a flying drape pose also in this setup. I then asked the husband to join in this setup. Both of them looked amazing together and their pictures came out very nice. I used a few standing poses and also tried out sitting pose using a chair. I also used the board prop with a message for this setup.

The expecting mother then changed into a light pink dress. I used a textured flower backdrop to go with it. I used a small wooden wagon prop with flowers in it for this setup. I clicked a few pictures in this setup. I then added a shining tiara in this setup for a couple of close-up portraits. I also clicked a few couple shots in this setup.

We then tried out wine red maternity dress gown for the shoot. The expecting mom was looking amazing in this dress. I also added a few red flowers to match the gown. I then clicked a few standing portrait pictures. I then tried out the lying pose in this dress. I then clicked a few pictures with the magical lantern prop. I also added a couple of wooden boxes and flowers to the setup to add variety to the setup. In this setup also, I clicked a few standing as well as sitting pose pictures. I also clicked a tummy closeup picture in this with the husband making a heart shape with his hand. I then clicked a few couple pictures in this setup.

All the pictures came out amazing in this photoshoot and it was a challenge for me to choose the one which should I edit further and which one to drop. In the end, the final pictures came out to be amazing and expecting parents liked them a lot.




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