Creative Maternity Photoshoot Album by Meghna Rathore Photography


This maternity photo session was an amazing experience for the couple and me. We all enjoyed this a lot. Final pictures from the shoot were liked by the couple a lot. They liked the entire photo session flow from booking to the final delivery of the pictures.  The couple gave me a 5-star review on google review.


I connected with this amazing couple over the phone and I briefed them in detail about the flow of the photo session. I also explained the gown options and matching theme. This shoot was a special one for also as I tried out a new creative theme in this one using a high chair and large palm trees. Both husband and wife was amazing person and ready to try out new things.

On the day of the photoshoot, I welcomed them in my photo studio and we stared with the light makeup to the expecting mother. I went through the photoshoot flow one more time and finalized the sequence of dresses and themes.

We started our photoshoot with the new theme itself. For this theme, I arranged large palm tree leaves and dried them out. It’s always very exciting when you plan out a new theme and so was the case this time. I also used a dark brown high chair to add the royal flavor. We took quite a few sitting and lying pictures on the high chair with large leaves around giving the mysterious look. We tried a couple of standing pictures also in the setup.

After our first setup, we moved on to our second dress which is a beautiful red wine color gown. This gown has a large trail cloth which gives it an amazing look. We took a couple of standing pictures in this gown. We also tried out the magical lantern pose with flying pixie dust out of it. We also took a few of tummy showcasing pictures in this dress also and they came out so beautiful

We then tried out our third gown, which is a beautiful peach color gown with a very long trailing cloth. We also used a matching peach color flowery backdrop to give out an awesome effect. We tried many standing poses in this setup. We also used flowers as props in few of the poses to give out different looks.

We then also tried out our last gown which is white in color. We used a clear white backdrop for this posing to highlight the expecting mother. We also used a couple of props to fill out the missing spaces. The expecting mother was looking like a goddess in this setup.

In each setup, we tried a couple of poses also which came out very nice. The chemistry between the couple was unmatched and it came out very nicely from the photoshoot.
Following are the final pictures from the photoshoot




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