Maternity Photoshoot Album by Meghna Rathore Photography


Photo Shoot by Professional Maternity Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida


The kind-heartedness of some people is visible on their faces. A shoot that clearly depicts the humility of this kind-hearted couple and the simplicity and love the soon-to-be parents share is very rare.

Grace goes hand in hand with simplicity and kindness, which is clearly one of the many reasons this mother-to-be is glowing. A very elegant and heart-melting photoshoot done in front of a floral and black background. The couple shared beautiful moments in a beige gown and white shirt against a floral background. The queen posed for us wearing a beautiful flowy cream coloured gown with some flowers used as props and a green blouse and slit skirt against a black background. We managed to capture a quick snap of the mom-to-be and her toddler too, graciously sitting on a royal chair.
Nothing compares to the glowing faces and smiles of a family that is eagerly waiting to welcome their newest member. For this family I captured some gorgeous portrait shots.
For the first set of images we dressed the mother-to-be in a breathtakingly beautiful green gown. Through editing and props we created a royal look and feel using a simple black background. This set includes images of the expecting mother standing, embracing her belly. We also dressed her in a similar green blouse and slit skirt exposing her baby bump. The confidence in the mother added a special touch to this set. She posed in both standing and sitting poses. Props like flowers, royal chair and lantern were used for this set. We called in the father-to-be and their son for a few shots too. The couple posed for us embracing the baby bump wearing similar green outfits in front of a black background.
For the next set of images we lightened the setting a little and shifted to a more neutral background. The mom-to-be wore a beautiful beige frill gown with a tiara. The soon-to-be parents shared a few intimate standing, sitting and laying down poses. The most beautiful shot in this set of photographs is an aerial image of the mother laying down on the floor and her gown covered in flowers used as props.

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