Photo Shoot by Professional Maternity Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida


Final images after digital enhancement were so mesmerizing and were liked by To Be parents a lot. They gave me a 5 star review on google review. Below are the sweet words and appreciation given by them on Google Review.

“Hey megna! I am amazed with your work.. you did a fabulous work.. I really liked the pictures and innovation u hv done in some pictures.. Can’t have enough words to thank you.. thank you so much for such a lovely lifetime memories 🥰❤️”





Making and keeping an expecting mother comfortable should also be everybody’s priority. The strength and changes that her body goes through while growing life inside of her for nine whole months is unbeatable. The hormonal changes, physical and mental challenges that a mother faces entirely alter her personality and raises unnecessary thoughts and queries in their own mind. Along with going through all this she still works, does her job and fulfills her responsibilities.


Through my photography during a maternity shoot I try my best to capture the core personalities of a mother. Going through an almost 34-36 weeks of pregnancy these personality traits are greatly affected and altered.

For this shoot I dresses the expecting mother in three different dresses. We also clicked pictures of the father and the mother being all kid like and playful in  the studio. The first set contains pictures of the expecting mother in a light blue gown and a tiara, standing against a similar coloured cloudy background. She gave us some very beautiful standing and laying down poses with flowers used as props to decorate her dress. I captured some playful and intimate images of the soon-to-be parents with the father dressed in his uniform.

For the next two sets we dressed her in an orange bodycon gown and a dark red gown. She posed in front of a brown and black background for the two sets respectfully. The poses that she gave us are mesmerising and very sweet. The smiles on her face depict how comfortable and at ease she was during the entire shoot which is my primary objective for any shoot. We used props like flowers and up a tiara on her head for both the sets. I also managed to capture the affection and between the two parents through my photographs.

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