Photo Shoot by Professional Baby Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida

This photo session was done at my indoor photo studio. It was for a pretty and cute 2 months old baby girl. In this photoshoot we used a lot of backdrops, themes, and props. We took many pictures in these themes and the biggest issue was to finalize the final pictures. The parents liked the final pictures a lot and they also enjoyed the whole photo session experience a lot.


This album is for a professional photo session done by me of a 2 month old baby girl. She was a very cute and pretty baby and I loved clicking her pictures. Before the day of the shoot, I had a detailed discussion with the parents to understand their vision of the photoshoot. This gives me an idea about what exactly my client is looking forward to from their shoot. Based on their preferences, I designed my themes and the flow of the shoot and explained them.

On the day of the shoot, I welcome the little angel in my studio. I  did this photo session during the first half of the day as babies are normally more active during that time. I briefed parents about the flow of the photo session and how it would be done. I then spent some time with the little angel so that she get to know me and feel comfortable with me. I had an instant love and connection with the baby the moment I held her in my arm. Once the baby was comfortable, we started the photo shoot.

The first of our themes was using a blue backdrop and we used a carry basket. I wrapped the baby in a white cloth and placed her in the basket on top of white fur. I also used a couple of flowers to decorate the background and clicked a few pictures.

I then used a wooden basket and placed blue fur in it. For this, I wrapped the baby in a blue wrapping cloth. I used heart-shaped props made of cloth to make a circle around the basket. This setup came out very nice and I clicked a few pictures in it. I then replaced the props with white color leaves and took a few more pictures.

I then placed the baby on the blue backdrop and used a giraffe cap for the baby. I then placed a few clouds props and a toy giraffe in the background and clicked pictures of this theme.

I then placed the baby on a white fur and covered her with a light mehndi color cloth and took pictures in it. I then planned a bucket theme. I wrapped the baby in a purple cloth and placed her in the bucket. I also added a couple of purple flowers in the background. For this sot, I used a rustic white wood color backdrop.

I then designed a theme using the wooden crate on a wooden backdrop. I placed the baby in the crate and used some props from the boho theme to give it a character.

I then used a heart share wooden bowl for my next theme. For this setup, I wrapped the baby in a purple cloth and used a matching flower headband. I placed the baby in the bowl on top of a net cloth. I then used a couple of props from the boho theme and changed them around for different shots.

I then tried out the potato sack set up for the baby. For this, I used the baby a peach pink wrapping cloth and a matching flower headband. I then clicked a couple of pictures in the potato sack pose. I then used a couple of dresses pose for the baby on top of a white fur.

Then I brought in the baby brother for a few siblings poses which came out very nice. For the last, I took a couple of family pictures in different portrait poses.

As a whole, the whole photoshoot was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it a lot and every picture came out very nice.