Photo Shoot by Professional Baby Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida

This baby photo session was for a very beautiful and cute 2 months old baby girl angel. I really loved clicking her pictures and her parents liked the final pictures very much.


This professional baby photoshoot album is for a 2 months old baby girl. I had a detailed discussion with her parents about planning the whole photo session. Its always my endeavor to ensure that my client is completely satisfied with the photoshoot so I have detailed talks with my clients to get an idea about what they are looking forward to. I also explain to them what would be the best way for a photoshoot based on their preferences and likings.

Then the day of photoshoot came and I welcomed this little angle in my home. She was so pretty and joyful. I instantly felt a connection with the bay the moment I held her in my arms. I initially spent some time with her to make her comfortable in my company. I then briefed the parents again about the flow of the photoshoot and then we started our shoot.

We started with a basket posing in which I wrapped the baby in a blue wrapping cloth and places her in a basket on top of a matching fur. I used a couple of leaves props along with the blue backdrop for the background. I clicked a few closeups and long shots in the theme. Then to add some variety, I changed the leaves props with some flowers and buses props and clicked a few more pictures in this setup.

I then kept the baby in the same wrap and moved her from a basket to a plain blue backdrop with a sheet on top of her covering her half part of the body. I then added a few soft cloth made flower props to set up the theme and clicked a few pictures. I then changed the flower props with a few other props and took more pictures.

I then changed the baby’s dress and put her in a log basket. This time, I covered her body with a mustard cloth. In this setup, I used the wooden backdrop and a couple of spring time things like pumpkins, leaves, etc as props to fill up the theme. I clicked a few pictures in this setup

I then wrapped the baby in a peachy pink color wrapping cloth and placed her on a small cane chair. I also added a couple of matching flower decorations to fill up the background. I used a similar color textured color backdrop for this theme. I then clicked a couple of pictures in this setup also.

I then changed the baby into a cream color net dress. This time I used my favorite prop – the moon. I used some cotton to give the look of clouds and U also used a space picture backdrop.

I then tried out potato sack [ose for the baby. I wrapped the baby in a peachy cloth and placed her on matching fur in a potato sack pose. I used a few headbands to give different looks. I clicked a few pictures in this setup also. I then moved the baby on a mustard color cloth floor and used a white fairy dress to cover the baby. I then clicked some tummy dow pose pictures in this setup. I also took some picture in baby being covered in a mustard color cloth.

In the last, I took a few family pictures also to showcase the love and bonding of the family. I clicked these pictures on a black backdrop to highlight the family.