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Meghna Rathore is a professional Newborn photographer, Baby photographer, Maternity\Pregnancy photographer and Kid photographer. She provides both indoor and outdoor photo session. She has been trained under internationally renowned photographers and safety & comfort is the most important thing during her photo session. She provides indoor photo shoot at her Gurgaon based home studio and she covers photo shoot services to clients from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other NCR areas.

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I am a professional newborn, baby, kid and maternity photographer. I specialize in natural professional photography. I provide professional NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY (5 Days – 30 Days) at my home based studio in Gurgaon. I also provide professional BABY PHOTOGRAPHY (1 Month – 4 Months), SITTER PHOTOGRAPHY (5 Months – 1 Year) and KID PHOTOGRAPHY (1 Year and above). I also provide MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY at both my home studio and outdoor locations.

I am professionally trained under internationally renowned professional newborn & maternity photographers in USA. I was doing professional photography in USA and now I have been doing professional photo session out of my home based studio in Gurgaon. I am a natural style photographer and I try to capture and showcase natural beauty and love during my photo session. I am a natural light photographer and try to highlight my clients features and curves in natural way.

My home based studio is at Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon and very well connected with Delhi. I provide photo shoot services for clients from Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and other NCR region. As my studio is in my home only, it gives cozy and comfy feeling to little ones and parents. I myself is a mother of 2 daughters so my home based studio has all the necessities required to make a newborn or kid comfortable. cleanliness and hygiene is the most important aspect of my studio.

I use advance DSLR camera and high end lenses to capture the minute details of little ones and parents. I uses a mix of natural light and constant studio light to ensure that right exposure is available. I have a huge collection of props, accessories, dresses etc to make every photo shoot a unique one.

I ensure that my clients very comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot. I make sure that the photo session is fun filled so that my clients also enjoys it and it remains with them as a lifetime memory. In the end my best reward for my professional is client satisfaction which is reflected in my GOOGLE REVIEW WITH A 5 STAR RATING. You can also see these TESTIMONIALS HERE AT MY WEBSITE.

Locations Served

I provide maternity, newborn, baby and kid photoshoot services at Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and other NCR region areas.

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I am a trained professional newborn photographer. I provide newborn photography services for newborns between the age of 5 days to 30 days. Newborn safety and comfort is foremost important for me while photographing a newborn as newborn are very delicate and fragile. I use many props, baskets, beds and backdrops for my newborn photo shoot. Please click here to know more about my newborn photography portfolio.

I believe that a newborn symbolizes the life in this world so I ensure that its beauty and innocence is captured. I try to capture the emotions, giggles, facial expressions of a newborn which are priceless. All of my pictures are digitally enhanced and can be used for any purpose.

I do my newborn photoshoot at my home studio in Gurgaon which is well connected to Delhi. So I serve clients from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other NCR area. Please call me at 8826276089 or email me to book your session or know more details. It would be my pleasure and honor to capture your newborn expressions and lifetime memories.


I provide professional baby photography services for baby between the age 1 months to 4 months. A baby photo shoot is very unique in the sense that it is a stage between being a newborn and a little kid. During this time the baby changes its features very fast and quite a few times. This is the time when baby starts showing visible facial expressions, start responding to things. A what could be a better way then to capture those moments and relish for lifetime.

I am a natural baby photographer and I provide professional baby photo shoot services at my Gurgaon based home studio which is very well connect with Delhi and other NCR area. I have been doing baby photoshoot for many years and I am trained professional photographer. T0 know more details about my baby photography offerings and albums please visit here.

I have tons of baby props, dresses, headbands and many other accessories to make every photo shoot a unique one. My utmost importance of a photo shoot is client satisfaction and I ensure that all the client expectations are surpassed, just not met. So if you are looking for to capture your baby giggles and expression please call me at 8826276089.


I provide professional photo shoot services for kids between the age of 5 months to 11 months. This age babies are called sitter as this is when they start to sit and start seeing the world in its real dimension. This is the first time when they start experiencing the independence and engage with the world at their will. So this is the best time to have a photo shoot to capture their innocence and independence.

I provide professional sitter photo session at my Gurgaon based home studio. I have many sitter props and I utilize them as per the client desire, expectations and my own creative thoughts. to make photo session a unique one. My home studio is a cozy and comfortable place where my client gets home like feeling and comfort which makes both baby and  parents comfortable.

During a sitter photo session, I ensure that the baby is playful and never rushed for taking pictures. I manage to make the atmosphere jolly and light so that the baby enjoys the process and gives the best poses. So if you are interested in capturing the life time memories of your child then please call me at 8826276089 or email me at


When a child turns 1 year old, its the first and biggest milestone in the journey of child’s life. This is the time when parents celebrate the child birthday for the first time and and it creates an immense feeling inside  parents. Parents wants to capture this moment and feeling forever and what could be a better way then having a professional photo shoot of your kid. I provide professional photography service for 1 year and older kid.

I provide both indoor and outdoor photo shoot for kids 1 years and older. During a kid photo shoot, i make sure that session is fun filled and enjoyable so that kid also enjoys the session and gives the best expressions. Hygiene and safety is my utmost criteria during any photo session.

I have many props specific to kids of this age and i use the to create unique theme for every photo shoot. I also take many family poses to showcase the love and bond in the family. Please click here to see my professional kid photography portfolio. I provide indoor photo session at my Gurgaon home studio and outdoor photo session at the choice of client location. So if you are interested in your kid photo shoot then please call me at 8826276089.


I am a professional maternity photographer and have been doing maternity photo shoot for many years. I myself is a mother of two kids so I know what feelings an expecting mother goes through while carrying a life within herself. There is nothing more beautiful than an expecting mother. She goes through the phases of body transformation which makes her amazingly pretty. A maternity photo shoot is the best way to capture those curves and cherish forever the feeling of bearing a child.

I do both indoor and outdoor professional maternity photo shoot depending upon the client desire. Indoor maternity photo session are done at my home studio in Gurgaon while outdoor photo session are done at location convenient to the client. Both indoor and outdoor maternity photo shoot have different style and outputs.

During photo shoot I ensure the expecting mother is totally comforted and pampered as she is going through a lot of stress and discomfort. Please go through my maternity portfolio to get a glimpse of my maternity photo session album. So if you are interested in getting your maternity photo session, please call me at 8826276089.

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