Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Baby Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida


This photo session is one of my favourite one as the baby was always smiling and giggling during the entire photo shoot. What more a professional baby photographer can expect, this is like the ideal scene to capture the baby poses. So every picture I was taking of her, made me feel to take more and more. It was me who enjoyed this photo shoot more than the parens 🙂

So this wonderful journey started when this rock star’s parents reached out to me for getting their baby photo shoot done. I briefed them about what kind of poses and pictures can be taken for a 3 month old baby. I asked them to go through my website for similar baby photo shoots to get some ideas and make up their mind about what they actually want. We discussed in details about flow of the photo shoot, parents dress options etc. And then the day arrived when this little rock star came to my home studio for photo shoot. They moment I laid my eye on her, I was mesmerized and got excited about seeing her through my lens. She was oozing with the glow and serenity. But to be honest, I was a bit anxious also as the milestone of 3 months is not the best one for a photo shoot as the baby is grown enough to start resisting for things but still very small to understand things. But she proved me all wrong and she was always shining and smiling during the entire photo shoot and I couldn’t stop myself from keep on taking pictures of her.

So we decided as the flow of the photo shoot that we will do one basket, couple of props and lots of family poses. So we started with floral arrangement around the basket and the magic began. She mesmerized me with her charm and I kept on changing flower arrangements to take different views, angles and poses and I ended up with around 3 floral arrangements while normally I do only one. And then I realized that I need to stop now and move on to next prop. So then we did the princesses carriage prop and she was actually looking the princesses in that prop. After this, we used the wooden moon prop and in that prop she was looking like an angle from the heaven. And then we moved on to family poses. We took lots of family pictures. During this entire shoot, she was always smiling and spreading magic in the studio. I was overwhelmed when this photo shoot ended.

And then the real issue came, which picture to choose for enhancement as every one was better than the other one. I finally narrowed down to final pictures and enhanced them digitally to highlight baby features. The final outcome was just magical and mesmerizing. I kept on looking at finalized pictures. And when I shared the final album with parents, they were super happy and excited. In the end it was a extremely rewarding photo session.